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    On-demand Patching


      is there a way to have on-demand scanning and patching? I'd like to have any DR computers that are brought into the building be scanned and patched once they are plugged into the network.

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          The one method that might work best for you currently is to set up a recurring scheduled scan (and possibly auto-deploy), and have this set up for the built-in 'Entire Network' machine group in Protect. This way whenever you scan the entire network Protect should be able to discover newly added systems.


          There is not a feature currently available that's exactly specific to what you're looking for so if the above option doesn't quite do it for you, I'd suggest submitting a request at http://shavlik.featureidea.com.



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            Thanks for the quick response. Guess for now we'll just manually run the patches once we have the laptops plugged into the network. My end goal is to pass this over to the support center team with as limited access as possible since they have no access to the server.


            The current setup is a machine group on a specific VLAN, once we have word all the laptops are plugged into a dedicated switch with the coordinating VLAN we will issue a scan and patch to the devices.