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    Listening ports on client and server




      According to the Shavlik doc here:  http://www.shavlik.com/onlinehelp/Protect90HTMLHelp/HFN.htm#Configuring_Operations_Overview.htm it shows that the client should be listening on ports: 135, 445 and 5120. 


      From the Shavlik server I got these results trying to telnet to the client;


      Port 135               Successful

      Port 445               Successful

      Port 5120             Failed



      According to the Shavlik doc, the server should be listening on ports: 445, 3121 and 3122.



      From the client telnetting to the Shavlik server, I got these results;


      Port 445               Successful

      Port 3121             Successful

      Port 3122             Failed


      I did a “netstat –aon” for each server.  There is no port 5120 listening on the client and no port 3122 listening on the Shavlik server.



      Can you tell me if these ports should be listening?  I am running Shavlik Protect 9 and Windows Server 2008.

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          Port 5120 would only be listening if you have the Shavlik Scheduler service on the target system. Generally it is put on target systems when you deploy patches, but you might also need to check if you are set to use the Shavlik scheduler or have it changed to the Microsoft task scheduler in Protect > Tools > Options > Scheduling.


          You can tell if the Scheduler is on the system and running by going into services.msc and looking for the ST Remote Scheduler service, and check if it is started or stopped. This service needs to exist and be started for port 5120 to be listening.


          Port 3122 is generally only used for internal calls back to the Shavlik Protect Console Service on the console system, so as long as you're not seeing problems with normal functions in Protect it should be fine.