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    Migration Tool Problem

    sjreilly Rookie



      I'm trying to upgrade to Protect 9.1.4334 (Windows 8.1) from Protect 9.0.0 Build 1182 (MS Server 2003 R2)

      I installed ProtectBackup 9.0.1280 and successfully backed up the Console and the User data.


      On the new Windows 8.1 install I installed Protect 9.1.4334 and then tried to install ProtectBackup on this system.

      It failed to install with the message "WARNING: You must have Protect 9.0.1182 or later installed to use this tool" - I have already installed 9.1.4334!


      I edited the install script to work with the installed version and it appeared to install but the ST.Backup.Protect.UI.exe doesn't run.


      Can you help?