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    Bug with Export Visible Patches to CSV in v9.x


      Hi there,


      I wanted to see if this was fixed in 9.1 before posting but it appears not.  So instead would like to report a bug.



      • Go under View / Patches
      • Under search type in something pretty specific like MS14-02 - this narrows down the list of patches to a small set
      • Now from the Patches drop-down, choose Export visible patches to CSV. 


      Expected result:

      • I would expect a CSV file containing only the patches that meet my MS14-02 search criteria
      • Help documentation states that patches visible in the top pane will be exported


      Actual result?

      • All patches are exported
      • The resulting CSV file is 38MB
      • Compare this with Selecting all of the patches in the top pane, then right-click Export selected patches to CSV.  The resulting CSV file is 260kB


      So it appears to be a small bug.  No worries, I've seen that I can work around it by using Select all, but it seems that the 'Export visible' feature is broken, and I thought I should report what I found.


      I'm not looking for a solution, but an acknowledgement would be nice.  We'll fix it in a future minor update some day...something like that.