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    Create custom reports


      Is it possible to create custom reports? Today when I scan my servers, a report is sent to a group of serverowner, and they get the detailed report, but they would like the detailed report to include the missing patches in catagories, like the executive report. So a server missing 30 patches in total, i catagories, 10 critical, 15 important, 5 moderate. Is that possible?

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          You could use 'Advanced Filters' when manually generating a report.  Tools -  Create Report.  I played around a little and could not determine a method match your request.  The Detailed Summary is close but does not show criticality.  You could try the Machine Status Summary and use Advanced Filters to change some options.  My suggestion would be to run each report and then use Advanced Filters to try to match what you want to see.


          More on Advanced Filtering!


          we also added support for customer views.  For information on using Shavlik Protect database views to generate your own custom reports, please see the Shavlik Protect Report Views Guide at   Report Views Guide