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    pdfcreator update included pdfarchitect


      It was automatically installed on machines that did not have pdfarchitect already installed, it also enabled itself as the default pdf reader.


      My bad for not finding this during testing but can you guys please not include software like this - I understand the pdfcreator update and have no problem with that but now I have pdfarchitect on all of my workstations and the wrong default pdf reader - we have some applications that unfortunaltly require adobe reader and they don't work this morning...




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          nick.evans SupportEmployee

          Hi Jason,

          When we deploy patches, we pass in silent switches that basically accept the default parameters of the installer. In this case PDFCreator includes PDFArchitect (at least some components of it) by default. If you run the .exe and click through the steps you'll see that the vendor has enabled these features as a default setting.




          A possible workaround for this would be, if this patch allows switches to define other install options, you could use a custom action to install the patch and use your unique install switches. Unfortunatley since the vendor has opted to have this as a default in their installer, when we use the default install switches, it includes those application files.


          Here is a link to a document on how to use the custom action option as a point of reference.

          Shavlik User Community: Custom Action - How to perform a custom action complete tutorial : http://community.shavlik.com/docs/DOC-23447



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