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    Database Setup Tool Window freezes


      I had an issue while upgrading from Vcenter Protect 8.X to 9.0:

      When the installation program called the database setup tool I selected to use an existing database. After pressing next nothing happened and the Database Setup Tool Window got frozen. It behaved strange in that it was unable to receive the focus, could not be activated, moved or resized. It seemed to me as if it had opened a modal dialog which had to be ackowledged. But there was no dialog. The only way out of this was to kill the process with task manager. Afterwards the installation program performed a rollback with the effect that even my 8.0 Installation got lost.

      Any idea appeciated !

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          You could look in the ST.Database.Configuration.log that is created to see if any errors are pointed out. If possible please provide this log file to us.


          It should be the console logs location for either 8.x or 9.x pointed out in this document:



          Otherwise, based on your description I would suggest rebooting the system and trying again.



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            Dear Adam, thank's for your attention. I shared the ST.Database.Configuration.log with you.

            Rebooting the system did not help. The problem is that after the rollback a second invocation of the Setup Program will not detect the previous version thus not providing the option to upgrade.

            Are there any usefull command line options I can pass to the setup program ?

            Is it possible to prevent the rollback after an unsuccessful upgrade ?

            I'm going to try the upgrade procedure later this day again on a different machine and keep you posted.


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              I took a look at the log you provided, but I'm still not certain why you would see the screen just seem to hang and behave in the way you describe.


              It's possible you might be able to resolve this by restoring a backup of the database, and reinstalling the version it was previously at. Then cleanup the database based on recommendations in this document prior to attempting upgrade again: http://community.shavlik.com/docs/DOC-23430.


              This guide may be helpful as well:

              Preparing for Upgrade of Protect and Resolving Common Upgrade Issues


              Other than this I would suggest making a call into support for assistance in getting this upgraded.



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