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    VMware tools updated via Shalvik and VUM confusion




      We have an ESXi environment which has been upgraded recently using VMware update manager to a more uptodate version. .


      We also use Shalvik for patch management and we have the license which allows us to do ESXi hypervisor patching.


      However we have an issue with VMware tools. If this updated using VMware, it works fine until the Virtual machine is rebooted and then it goes out of date.


      We believe this is happening because Shalvik product is upgrading the VMware tools also. When I check what updates Shalvik is updating to the machine I can see in the patches list there is VMware tools 9.4 x64 which is also being rolled out. 


      How would I go about ensuring that this update is not effective on any future patches?


      We are running ESXi 5.0.0 update 3 but it seems that some virtual machines managed via Shalvik are installing a much newer version of the VMware tools (for v5.5) which is causing this out of date message confusion. When it installs this version it also doesnt allow you to edit any of the VMware tools which it should allow if the installation is correct.