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    commandline scan with hfcli


      Hi. We use some automation commandline scripts which use hfcli.exe for scan tasks. Since we've upgraded from VCenter Protect 8.0.2 to Shavlik Protect 9.0.0 hfcli.exe only shows results for a limited number of products (mainly for Microsoft Developper Tools, Runtimes, and Redustributables).


      The commandline looks like this: %ShavlikProtect%\HFCli.exe -h %HOST% -ifq %input%\HFChkIgnore.txt" -x %input%\hf7b.xml -t 128 -f %HOST%.txt -v -trace. It is the same we were using with Protect 8.0.2 where it showed patches for the OS and for other products installed. Scans in the console application produce correct results. - What can be the reason for this behavior? The Maintenance and Data Subscription does not expire until 18.10.2016 and the licence is duly activated.

      Cf. hfcli.log and the scan result in output.txt (attached)


      Any ideas?