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    Reporting IE version


      Using Shavlik Protect, how can I generate a report listing what version of Internet Explorer is installed for each machine?

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          Your best bet is to run an asset scan on your systems, and use the Software Catalog Report.


          Currently the reports are all based on scan results stored in the Protect database, and there is not a truly easy way to manipulate any of the current patch scan reports to just display the current version of IE from each system.

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            I do not see Internet Explorer listed in the Software Catalog Report.

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              I was curious about this so I ran a SW Catalog Report.


              I only see listings for Windows Internet Explorer 7 & Windows Internet Explorer 8.  I have IE 10 and 11 installed on systems.  These are not showing up.  I then ran a Software Detail Report on 1 machine I know has IE 10 installed.  No IE is listed in this report.


              Could this be a bug?

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                I reproduced this as well with systems that have IE 10 and 11. I'm looking into it to see if we can get this corrected or if there's possibly a reason that the asset scan cannot detect these versions. I'll update when I know more.



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                  We do now have the issue with the software asset scan not finding IE 10 or IE 11 bugged so it should be fixed in the future, but I don't have an ETA.


                  I did some additional poking around, and it looks like the patch scan report 'Machines by Patch' does actually show the product listed, and using advanced filter on this report has an option to select specific products to report on. This could be used as a workaround or possible report to display the version of IE found on each system. This is the best I've found so far.



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                    Please also include IE 9 in the bug fix as that is the version we run a lot of and it is also not reported.

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                      Has there by chance been any update for this issue?

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                        First scan your servers once and create a report with the following steps.

                        1. Pick Report
                          • Select report to view “End-of-Life by Product”
                        2. Pick Filter Options
                          • Check “Use Advanced Filter”
                        3. View Report
                          • Click on “Select advanced filters”
                            • Select scan name
                            • Machines (optional)
                            • Select product “Internet Explorer”

                        You will get a report by product wise (IE Version wise). Hope it will works for you.