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    How Can I remove old machines?


      I am currently performing a scan on my entire network. In my network I have between 12-150 machines but the scans in Shavlik for some reason try to scan 645 machines, most of which are no longer on the network and havent been for months or some for years.


      The machines I want to remove are not in any machine groups so I can't remove them that way. Even the ones that I have removes from machine groups still show up in scans.


      The machines that I want to remove show up in Entire Network scans and in Domain scans. All the machines in my network are agentless. The machines that are no loner in my network are not in DNS, DHCP or AD so I do not know where they are coming from.


      Most of the machines I want to remove are coming back with Error 201: Network connection error(364 machines). I also get a lot of machines that return Error 235: system not found(93 machines). If possible I would like to remove these machines. Even if I have to remove ALL of the machines from Shavlik I can create the machine groups again as long as the old machines that are no longer on the network dissapear I won't mind.