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    Changing Agents IP Address


      I want to setup a workstation at site A and then move it to site B.  Both site have different IP subnets.

      Can I install the agent at site A or will there be issues when I chnage the IP to site B?

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          Can you access the systems on site B from the current console system? i.e. ping, nslookup, etc.


          Seems it would probably be fine as long as the communication is good.


          You could also add the new IP to Tools > Console Alias Editor list in your Protect console prior to the change, to be on the safe side. That way the agents will be aware of the new IP before the change.

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            The console IP will not change, only the workstation IP will.

            ONce the workstation goes to the remote location, I have to change it's IP so it will communicate on that network.  I didn't know if this confuses the agent that is installed.


            And yes, the console is seen from all locations.

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              As long as the agent can check in with the console I don't believe an IP change of the workstation will affect the agent.

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                Then I will test this out.  Thanks.

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                  I am interested in this. I have a server with the agent installed on it. This server uses a software, Neverfail. There is a primary and a secondary server. One is active the other is passive, both with the same Hostname. Only the active server is visable. I have an agent installed on both of these servers. By this response, I would think that I could use the agent on the active server. The console (under view - machines) shows the IP of one that I completed the agent registration. When the other server is made active, I cannot access the agent until I change the hosts file entry on the console, delete the machine from that machine view window and then re-install the agent. The registration then puts it back into that view machines window with the IP of the currently active server. When I fail back, I have to go through the same re-install process. Can you offer a different method of agent patching?