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    Error Code 13


      I've looked at the document that list the variious error codes, but I've never seen this one before.  I'm scanning based on an AD OU, and this is only happening to some of those machines.


      "The scan started and all connections and registry access appeard to work, but an unexpcted network event terminated the scan."

      Shavlik Error1.jpg


      Any help in pointing me in the right directions would be most appreciated.



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          Error 13 typically means there is a network connection issue to the target machines. A good test to run would be to start a continuous ping to that machine from the console machine. While this is running, kick off a scan. If you get an error 13 in the scan, then likely you will see a dropped connection to that machine in the ping. This could be caused by network connectivity issues, faulty NIC, Wireless connections, etc. You could also run wireshark or another network monitoring tool during scans if you want to look for more in depth information.


          Some things to look into:


          -Is this a wireless connection? If so, can you try using the NIC to connect and see if you still get the same error?

          -Is there anything unique about how this machine connects vs the working machines?

          -Are any of these dual NIC machines?

          -Do any of the systems scan successfully if you scan it individually?


          I hope that helps.

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            I do think it is a network connectly issue.  I reran the scan over the weekend (when there is very little traffic on the network), and is couuld find and scan all those machines. 


            None of those machines are unique in anyway, and I've never seen this particular error before.


            So, I will chalk it up to a network problem and just look out for it in the future. 



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              please try to delelte the following node in the registry:




              Scan again :-)

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                erik.walker@helios-kliniken.de wrote:



                please try to delelte the following node in the registry:




                Scan again :-)

                That worked perfectly. Thank you very much

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                  cwinning CommunityTeam

                  FYI: We added some changes in Protect 9.2 Update 3 (9.2.5119) to help mitigate these issues.


                  Shavlik Protect Software Support Downloads




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                    debeard Rookie

                    We just migrated to Ivanti Patch 9.3.0 and started having the same scan error on 13 of 194 systems - not sure why it started but deleting the registry node at HKLM\software\wow6432node\Microsoft\Update\Shavlik92 allowed all 13 to be successfully scanned, no reboot required.

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                      cwinning CommunityTeam



                      I recall this issue specifically being correct in a beta version of 9.3, apparently now.  Could you please open a case and include logging?

                      Please refer to this post when you create the case.


                      Support Case


                      1. Open the Protect GUI and navigate to Tools > Options > Logging and change logging to All for both user interface and services.

                           a. If you can reproduce the issue on demand, proceed to the next step.  If not, skip to step 7.

                      2. Close the Protect console GUI.

                      3. Stop the following services

                           a. Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers Console Service

                      4. Delete the contents of the following folder (path is dependent on OS):

                           a.  Windows Vista & later: C:\ProgramData\LANDesk\Shavlik Protect\Logs

                           b.  Earlier OS’s:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LANDesk\Shavlik Protect\Logs

                      6. Start the Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers Console Service and open the Protect GUI.

                      7. Attempt to reproduce the issue, please scan 1 machine with the issue. Document steps to reproduce.  Screenshot are very helpful.

                           a. Collect the logs from the Logs folder.

                           b. Include applicable screenshots.

                      8. Zip everything together, reply to case email or attach to send to support.




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                        debeard Rookie

                        If I come across any more with the same issue I will certainly do that - unfortunately I already corrected the ones we had issue with so I have none to reproduce the issue on at this time

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                          cwinning CommunityTeam



                          Sounds good!  I will watch for similar issues.


                          Just make sure you are running 9.3.440.




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                            craigfair23 Rookie

                            Thank you for this.  It worked perfectly!