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    End of service for VMware vCenter Protect 8.x




      I bought vCenter Protect 8.0 recently with three year maintenance and support service. But I got information from Shavlik that it ends service for 8.x from May 2014 and asked users to upgrade to 9.x.


      I would like to use the vCenter Protect 8.x for some more time since the upgrade has to go through many approvals. Can I get service for 8.x beyond May 2014?



      Srikanth Badireddy

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          Hi Srikanth,


          I do apologize for any trouble this may cause you, but unfortunately there will be no further XML releases to update definitions for the 8.x versions of Protect after the May 13th patch Tuesday. It will be beneficial to upgrade to the latest version of the 9.x version of Protect since there have been many improvements - I understand you may have some approvals to go through, but I think you will be pleased after you're able to perform the upgrade.


          You can download the latest version here:



          Please let me know if you do have any additional questions.