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    Notification of Successful Patch


      We currently use Shavlik 9.0.1182.0, have created a machine group that currently only has (9) servers in it.  These servers all have agents installed.  We have created an Agent Policy that utilizes a patch task.  This patch task also has a custom patch scan template, a deployment template and a deploy patch group all configured. 

      When running  a scan and patch from the home screen against this machine group and picking all the same options (scan template, deployment and patch templates) but manually running them we get a notification via email due to the email info being setup on the scan patch template.  A record of the scan also is indicated under the “results”. 


      I am unable to find a way to get notified that the patch policy process ran or to see this activity in the “results” tab.  Where do I set or can it be set that we get notified via email that the agent policy ran as scheduled.

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          Hello Joe,


          The results from the Agents are populated inside Machine View, you can access from the Results tab only the results of scans, patch deployments, power management tasks, etc, initiated from the console (agentless).


          However, if you want to get notified at the end of a scan or at the end of a patch deployment you can set that in your Scan Template and/or in your Deployment Template used in your Agent Policy.


          In each template you have a Tab "Email", you can select the report you would like to receive and you can choose the recipients.


          Let me know if you have remaining questions.