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    MS Hyper-v and shavlik


      I would like some Best Practices posted for MS Hyper-v servers. Is it just another server? Is there a way to patch offline servers? Do you need virus protection on the VM? etc.

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          Hyper-V acts as a hypervisor comparable to VMware ESXi.


          We don't currently have the same capabilities of offline patching, snapshotting, etc. with Hyper-V VMs as we do with VMware VMs. When scanning/patching Hyper-V VMs they basically are looked at the same as a physical system, and need to meet the same scan requirements found here: http://community.shavlik.com/docs/DOC-23019.


          If you'd like to see additional features added around Hyper-V VMs feel free to submit a feature request at http://shavlik.featureidea.com.


          It would be a good practice to install antivirus on all your systems whether they are physical or VMs.


          I hope that helps!

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            dharmatma Rookie


            This post is over 2 years old. Does Shavlik Protect 9.2 update 3 offer the same features now for Hyper-V hosts that it does for VMWare? If so please point me to that article. So far I haven't found any info. So far it looks like the answer is no.

            Thanks much,


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              chrisgoettl SupportEmployee



              Not currently.  The effort to do this is not small, so likely if we do so it would be the major feature of a release.  The next release (9.3) will be opening up a set of APIs. With that it would be possible to script (via powershell) scan and deployment to Hyper-V templates and also perform snapshots.  It would not be a baked in experience like our VMware integration, but it would be a step in the right direction. 


              If you have not already done so, I suggest opening a feature request regarding Hyper-V.  I have a few requests for this already, but there are some other major features leading the pack.  Submitting a feature request is casting your vote for this feature and helps us gauge interest so we can focus development where we can help the majority of our customers.  You can submit a feature request either by going to help > submit a feature request in Protect or by going to shavlik.featureidea.com. 


              Chris Goettl

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                Lee@Abstrakt Rookie

                2018, acknowledging your notes about scripting, am I correct that we are still SOL for "native"/in-program support for snapshots etc. on hyper-v?