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    WUscan will not schedule on Server 2008 r2


      When we build a new server, after the initial build of the OS, the next step is to do a full patching on it.  We run 2 scans.  We do the normal Security Patch scans, which takes care of all of the monthly patches that MS releases.  We then do the Windows update and security tools scan.  On this scan it finds all the files, and it will copy them over, but it will never actually install a single one of the update or security tools.


      Wondering if anyone has anything I can check.  The OS is installed from an SOE that the company's master server team builds for all clients to use for new server deploys.  I have tried checking with them and Shavlik, and no one can seem to figure out what is stopping them from running correctly.

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          Is the Windows Update service enabled on the target system(s)? This service needs to be enabled - it can be set to manual or automatic, but if it's disabled there will be many updates that will fail to run installation.


          In Protect if you go to Tools > Options > Scheduling do you have it set to use the Shavlik scheduler or Microsoft scheduler?


          On the target system if you go to C:\Windows\Propatches\Install check the newest files for either a .bat or .his file - which do you see? A .bat means the scheduler has either not run the .bat file yet or the installation is not complete. A .his means the .bat was run successfully and renamed to .his at the end of deployment process.


          You could also try manually running one of the patches in the C:\Windows\Propatches\Patches folder to see if there is a specific error during install.


          I hope that helps.

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