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    RealPlayer Cloud update

    rbabcock Apprentice

      Should an ordinary patch scan flag RealPlayer 16 as needing an update to RealPlayer Cloud 17?  I'm only getting detection to work with a software distribution scan.


      It's still necessary to have an admin logged in when installing RealPlayer 17, so I deployed to a couple machines while I had admin logins open in VNC.  The deployments worked, but the rescan says they failed.


      The initial scan correctly triggers RP17-001/QRP170461N - C$\Program Files (x86)\Real\RealPlayer\REALPLAY.EXE <


      After deploying and rebooting, the software distribution scan says File not found %REALPATH%\REALPLAY.EXE\

      yet the file is there (assuming %REALPATH% has the same value as before).


      Protect Standard 9.0.0 build 1182

      Definition version

      Targets are Windows 7 Pro 64-bit