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    Scanning  - High bandwidth consumption


      I've been unable to locate anything other than changing the amount of machines to scan at once. When a scan is initiated, no matter if it's scanning 10 machines at once or 2 machines at once, our bandwidth spikes anywhere from 30mbps to 60mbps.


      It also doesn't matter if the template is scanning for both installed & missing patches, it still spikes ridiculously high.


      Are there any settings that I'm missing to throttle the bandwidth consumption?

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          Hi brenth,


          Thanks for posting your question in the Shavlik user community!


          There are no settings to adjust the bandwidth consumption when performing a scan in Protect, and you've tried the one option that could possibly change any effect to bandwidth. Scanning does not typically require much bandwidth.


          When scanning are you selecting to auto-deploy patches? The deployment process can use up some bandwidth, especially if a large number of patches are missing and are being deployed.


          If you are experiencing bandwidth spikes when deploying patches, there is a setting to lower copy speed which can be found in the deployment template under copy speed. This article explains this feature and how it may help minimize bandwidth consumption when deploying patches.



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