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    Shavlik client install fails connecting to existing Database.


      I am trying to install the Shavlik client on a windows 2003 server. When I recieve the prompt for SQL not found on this system, I am selecting no because the SQL is on a different server. I am able to navigate the process normally until I reach the database setup tool. I am selecting the Use an existing database (link or upgrade) option and selecting next. I am entering the server name in which the SQL server is located, the database name, and using integrated windows authentication. When I test the connection the test result is successful. I select next and on the next screen see that the database link is complete. Console successfully linked to the existing database. I select next and recieve a screen prompting that installation is complete. I select Finish and the tool freezes. Then I recieve the following error: "Failed to commit the database installation or upgrade." I am neither trying to install or upgrade the database. I just want to install the client.