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    Policy patch task scheduling


      Overview(sorry if i blabbing): We currently use agent based patch deployment to install patches during patch week.

      We use the once a month schedule option with the day occurence setting

      Note: patch Tuesday is always the 2nd Tuesday of every month however the wednesday following

      patch Tuesday is not always the 2nd Wednesday of the month

      a good example is for the month of May 2013 patch Tuesday was May 14 which is the 2nd Tuesday of the month

      however May 15 (the wednesday after patch Tuesday) is actually the 3rd Wednesday of the month.


      Problem: We have to adjust the deployment date every month for each policy on each of our consoles

      this is prone to user errors. I am looking to automate this using a script before patching begins.

      Ideally it would be nice if Shavlik could update their calendar selection to include an option that keys off of patch tuesday

      Does anyone have any ideas as to how to automate this ?

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          That is unfortunately a quirk in timing the scheduler cannot overcome in it's current form and we do not offer a method to change the timing outside of the Protect GUI through scripting or other method.


          This may be a good candidate for a feature request though.  You can submite the request from Protect by going to Help and choosing Submit feature a request. 


          Thank you,


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            Thanks for the response Charles

            Just an update on this. I did find a way to make the change in the shavlik database without using the GUI

            however I need to simulate the "save and update agents" button function.

            Is this something that a command line tool can do for us?