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    Machines with Multiple NICs and IP addresses


      I have an environment that has PCs with multiple NICs and IP addresses.  I also use Hamachi to create a VPN session back to the Shavlik Protect Console.  When I add an agent or scan a machine remotely, the IP address that shows up for the machine is not always the correct IP Address (Hamachi).  On our machines we use the advance feature in the NIC configuration to prioritize the order of the NICs. Hamachi is not first in line and cannot be first.  I currently have an agent that lists the main NIC IP Address for deploying patches(  In the Machine view it list the Hamachi\24 address.  I can communicate with the agent without issues but cannot deploy patches due to the wrong IP Address showing in the patch deployment screen. 


      Is there a way to modify the IP Addresses for an agent on the console and also is there a way to tell Shavlik which IP address to use?


      202 Hamachi.PNG202 Hamachi2.PNG


      Any Help would be greatly appreciated.



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          There isn't a way that you can modify the IP address used for the agent from the console side - the only way I can think of is if you actually added all the agents by IP address to a machine group, and then installed the agents from that machine group. I'm not certain if it will stick if the agent checks in from a different IP, though - you might end up with two entries in machine view for the same agent. You could do some testing with that to see if it works, otherwise you just might not be able to send any commands to the agent from the console within this type of environment/configuration.


          I hope that helps.

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