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    SQL Server Query Operation Timed Out


      The past few times  when performing a security patch scan I recieve this SQL error.

      "A database operation failed.  Please verify you can connect to the configured database."

      "A SQL Server query operation timed out.  Consider increasing the command timeout in the configuration file."

      Since I was not the person who installed/setup Shavlik, I'm not to sure where to begin looking to resolve this issue.  All scans I have done (about 6-7 since this error popped up) have turned out OK, all machines that are normally scanned are sucessfully scanned, and I have been able to push patches just fine, however I don't want this error to bite me in the long run.  If someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.  I have linked an attachment of the error message below.


      Thanks in advance