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    Feature Request: Patch Superscedence in Defined Patch Groups


      These are my comments moved over from this thread: http://community.shavlik.com/docs/DOC-2156#comment-28129


      The issue is that when using defined patch groups, time is wasted by installing patches that aren't really needed to bring an application up to the current level. This seems to work as intended if you don't define your patch groups but if you do, you can see what happens below.


      Feature request ID: RE-1921



      v9.0.0 Build 1182


      I uninstalled Chrome on my test VM. Then ran a patch scan, no patches missing.

      12-4-2013 8-41-36 AM.png


      I then installed an old version of Chrome, 65.39.89.

      12-4-2013 8-44-01 AM.png


      I then ran another patch scan, 35 missing patches, all Chrome, it then downloads all 35.

      12-4-2013 8-45-16 AM.png

      12-4-2013 8-47-38 AM.png

      Then after my pre-deployment reboot, all 35 proceed to install. The logic isn't there to just apply the latest skipping the outdated 34 previous patches.


      12-4-2013 8-59-11 AM.png

      There you go, it seems to waste a bunch of time applying (or attempting to apply) patches that it could be skipping only due to my choice of using defined patch groups (my v013.011.001 group) which contains all Security Patches that have been released up to any given date. In my example, this patch group would contain every security patch in the database with a release date prior to 11-1-2013.