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    How to share patch groups across multiple consoles?


      After I create a patch group on the master console, I would like to export/import it to a remote console rather than have to create it again.  I cannot find any way to do this.  The export is only to CSV and the Import Groups dialog wants only patch groups that already exist on the console.


      I'm thinking this would not be something Data Rollup did and I don't see anything under Distribution Servers either.

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          Confusion reins supreme...

          A former consultant created a patch group on the primary console that has 34 patches in it.  We got approval for a pilot deployment of those 34 patches, no more, no less.


          As mentioned, there appears to be no way to "export" this list of 34 patches.  Now, there is the "View in Patch View" option that in turn has the "Export visible patches to CSV..." but that does not appear to do as advertised despite the Smart Filter being set to the name of the patch group.  The resultant CSV has close to 5000 lines.


          The closest that I've been able to get is to generate a patch report that then needs heavy redacting.


          I keep thinking that I'm missing something, that surely it should not be this awkward and difficult.  Anyone care to shed light on this?

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            This was somewhat covered in this discussion: http://community.shavlik.com/thread/447532?tstart=0


            Basically as far as a feature to directly export/import patch groups - you're just hitting a feature limitation in Protect at this time since this is not a current feature. It would be best to submit a feature request at http://shavlik.featureidea.com so our product management team is fully aware of any features you would like to see availale in Protect.

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              OK, thanks for that but I still don't understand what "Export visible patches to CSV..." is supposed to do.  I would have expected that the combination of Smart Filter and Search would have done the same as your [Ctrl]-[a] > Right-Click > Export... as mentioned in that other thread.