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    MS13-091 Q2760415 false positive on Office 2007 dutch version?




      I have MS Office 2007 installed and Protect 9 detects MS13-091 Q2760415 as missing.

      'File version is less than expected: C$\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\MICROSOFTSHARE\GRPHFLT\EPSIMP32.FLT 2006.1200.6602.1000 < 2006.1200.6650.5000'


      After deploying and rebooting the patch status still is missing.


      I manuallty ran convloc2007-kb2760415-fullfile-x86-glb_NL.exe on a PC that reported as missing and there the update detection logic states 'There are no products affected by this package installed on this system'.


      C$\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\MICROSOFTSHARE\GRPHFLT\EPSIMP32.FLT is on that client; but I can't find a way to display the version number.


      In Protect the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\Patches\BC93481367E45...\Sourcelist PackageName=conv-en-us.msp is mentioned.

      But that key is not known known on the client (there isn't even a Patches\BC...). Neither is the string conv-en-us.msp. Could that be the problem?


      There is a key 9AA2FA20AFF67D74DBBB243B8ADA6861\Sourcelist with PackageName=conv-nl.nl.msp; not sure if this is relevant.


      Is this a detection fault in Protect (false positive) or in the patch (false negative)? And can I safely ignore this patch?