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    Introducing new functionality in the support portal

    karenpeacock Employee

      Based on customer feedback we have recently introduced some new functionality to the support portal to enable you to have more control to manage your support interactions online.  Here is a summary of what has changed:


      Increased ability to manage your support request list

      • You can now filter your request list by any of the columns displayed.
      • Add and remove filters as required so that you can easily jump to a request by reference number, show only open requests, filter by date range, etc..
      • You have the ability to filter on any of the columns displayed on the list.

      NOTE: End Company field is meant for use by Partners only.

      NOTE: Superusers* can look at requests raised by anyone in their company.  Non-superusers can see only those they have raised.

      portal view requests.png

      Administration and Self Service functionality

      • Contact us by phone and we will send you a registration for the portal if you haven't yet registered, so that you can easily track the progress of your support request online.
      • Resolve the support request yourself online.
      • Account Superusers* can access additional administration functionality:
        • Create a new contact for your company.
          • Your colleague will automatically be sent an invitation to register for the portal.
        • Mark a colleague as no longer with your account
        • Request a password change for your colleague


      Other User Interface and Usability improvements


      • Display of support team member's name on request list
        • Customers requested this so you can easily see what requests to discuss with each member of the team.
      • We now confirm the expected response time for your support request after we have raised the request for you.
      • If we do not hold a phone number for you we will ask you to supply one.  This can help us resolve issues quicker when we need to discuss things with you.
      • Enhancements for uploading multiple attachments along with a progress bar.


      Further Self Help Changes

      We have introduced some new self-help functionality to support.shavlik.com which we will switch on in the coming weeks.  Here is an overview of what is coming:


      Coming Soon! Solutions Advisor

      The Shavlik solutions advisor displays a screen with our Recommended Reading for you.  These include discussions and documents from the community which match your search query.


      Coming Soon! Enable us to help you quicker with Expert Hints

      When creating a request you will be shown some tips from our top support expert based upon the product and category information you have provided.


      *Superusers can be designated by request to support and are admins for your company account with Shavlik.