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    Data versions global or per user?


      I am very new to this but confused as to the following behavior.  First off, I should preface to say that we hired a consultant to set this up and now I am suppost the learn this.


      So... I open the console on a remote server via RDP using my own creds and it says New Patch Data Available(

      I go to Help>About, and there I see a red X next to Patch assessment... Hmm...


      I open the local console and do the same.  That one is green.

      I ask the consultant why.  He opens the remote console in another RDP session with his creds.

      He does Help>Refresh files... it grinds for a while and then for him Help>About shows green.


      I go back to Help>About but it is still red.  Waddup widdat?

      Why do I also have to refresh files?  Would the files not be globally shared?  Is this a bug because whe have two consoles open, one under my creds and another under his creds?


      The consultant says fugedaboudit... the files refresh automagically when I do a scan.