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    Automatic software installation


      Good afternoon.
      I would like to know for the ability to automatically install applications supported patch management.

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          If the software that you want to install is in the distribution list then you can follow the instructions below...


          "  Create a new Patch Group and click Add Patch.

          "  Click the Patch Type column and locate Software Distribution.

          "  Select the checkbox for the software you want to deploy and click Select. The software is listed in the new Patch Group.

          "  Click Save.

          "  Create a new Scan Template.

          "  In the Filtering tab, deselect Security Patches in the Patch Properties.

          "  In the Patch box, select the Scan Selected radio button.

          "  Click the ellipsis button to the right of the Patch Group(s) box. The Select Patch Groups dialog box is displayed.

          "  Select the Patch Group you just created and click Select.

          "  Click the Software Distribution tab and select the Software distribution checkbox.


          Note: Ensure that the Deploy missing patches using checkbox is not selected.


          Hope this helps.

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            The information being added to the Shavlik database over the last few weeks (months) is invaluable. Thank you very much for the info. All of the how to information is much appreciated by all

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              You might want to check out some of our online videos, here: http://www.shavlik.com/support/training-videos/


              The training video titled 'Automate Scheduled Patching' may be beneficial.

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