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    Hosted Virtual Machines and Link to File


      Good Day!


      We are looking for a simplified method of maintaining Machine Groups of various categories.  We have been able to automate creation of flat files that Protect can link to from our vCenters, however, Protect doesn't recognize them as vm's.  Is there a format we can use in file creation that will tell Protect these are Hosted VM's, thereby giving deployment options the functionality of items like snapshots?


      /thx -EC

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          Currently using a linked file containing hosted VM information only works when used with Workstation VMs. The format to use for linking to VM images is in this help document: http://www.shavlik.com/onlinehelp/Protect90HTMLHelp/Adding_Images_Hosted_By_Workstations.htm


          For VMs that are hosted on ESXi hosts or vCenter there currently isn't a way to link them in a file so that Protect understands they are a hosted virtual machine.


          I'd suggest submitting a feature/change request if you would like to see this added - http://shavlik.featureidea.com



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            chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

            Hey Shavlik Users,


            I just wanted to share a few things about this post.  I spoke with Eric after he submitted his feature request and we had a very good conversation about how Eric and his team are managing their virtual environment today.  I wanted to share some thoughts on what we are looking to do in a later release. 


            Eric, please chime in if any of this is not accurate.


            The real issue Eric is running into is that he is struggling to manage the large number of virtual servers being introduced to their environment on a regular basis.  Using the link to file option allows for some flexibility to pull machines in from other sources to automatically update machine groups.  For a hosted environment it gets rather complex.  So, what if we allowed you to use some of VMware's built in mechanisms for managing your machines?  Most if not all of you using vSphere use folders to group VMs and assigning permissions.  If we allowed you to view machines by folder instead of by host they currently reside on and also use a folder similar to how we integrate with an AD OU you could better manage VMs in you environment and more importantly do so more similarly to how you are actually managing the VMs in vSphere.  Other features like tags may also be possibilities that we will investigate as well. 


            Let me know if this sounds like something you would like as well. 


            Chris Goettl

            Product Manager

            Shavlik Protect Team, LANDesk