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    Hi, cannot preform actions on agent's computers which are not at the same network ass consol's computer.


      Hello, I tryed to set up an virtual environment to check the program.

      There is one computer which the console is installed on.

      The second computer is for the agent installation.

      After I install the agent on the second computer and trying to do some operations on it like : assign new policy or check in request etc.. its from machine view.

      The first computer trying to resolve the name of the second computer.  (I see it in wireshark).(I guess the consol's machine got its name after the agent installation).

      I can't reach the agent machine because they are not at the same network. I want the program to resolve the machine by its IP address.

      I dont understand how can I control remote machines which are not at the same network?

      Please help me with that...

      What do I have to do?


      Ron Daniel.