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    Filtering for Software Asset Reports?

    canalbi Rookie

      We have Shavlik Protect Standard, and are licensed for Asset management.


      I'd like to pull a software report for a small group of machines. However, I have very few filtering options available, none of which are helpful. If I could filter by Machine Group, that would be great, but most everything is grayed out.


      Any ideas? Or Does this report only pull everything at one?

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          If you are running the software catalog report from Tools > Create Report you should at least be able to filter the machines that are reported on by using the advanced filter option. If you check the box to use advanced filter, and then run the report it will pop up the advanced filter options.


          A possible workaround is that you could generate the report, then export to CSV or another format and filter out any information from there.


          If you would like to see anything else available in this report I'd suggest submitting a feature request at http://shavlik.featureidea.com.



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            canalbi Rookie

            That's just it, there's nothing useful in the advanced filter. I only have the Domains option. Nothing that lets me be more selective.


            Found what I was looking for under the Machine Software Detail Report.