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    Shavlik 9 crashes when trying to download patches


      I upgraded to version 9 (latest build) and now when I manually try to download a patch the app becomes unresponsive for about a minute or so and then displays the dreaded "Unexpected error has occured and Shavlik must close" crash message.  Looking at the logs I see several errors:


      2013-09-30T20:44:43.6017749Z 2b24 E CryptoNative.cpp:120 class STWin32::CWin32Exception at WinTrustVerifier.cpp:77: Failed to select the certificate store from the input file: 'C:\ProgramData\Shavlik Technologies\NetChk\Patches\ccsetup402_slim.exe': Error 2148081666: An error occurred during encode or decode operation.


      2013-09-30T20:44:40.4195929Z 2b24 E WinTrustVerifier.cpp:195 Certificate verification failed with error: -2146762748.


      2013-09-30T20:44:39.1495202Z 2b24 I AuthenticodeVerifier.cpp:169 File not signed by any expected issuer or subject.


      2013-09-30T20:44:43.6157757Z 0001 C Launcher.CurrentDomainUnhandledException|System.InvalidOperationException: Crash from main UI thread ---> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: An error occurred during encode or decode operation.



      Anyone seen any of this before?