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    What does KB2767913 only apply to?


      This is my attempt to determine the difference in two updates included in MS13-072.  In the security bulletin it states :

      I have Microsoft Word 2010 installed. Why am I not being offered the 2767913 update?

      The 2767913 update only applies to systems running specific configurations of Microsoft Office 2010. Other systems will not be offered the update


      I have been asked by several people what those specific configurations are.


      The file contents of 2760769 is

      1. Winword.exe
      2. 14.0.7106.5001




      1. Wordicon.exe
      2. 14.0.7102.5000




      1. Wordcnv.dll
      2. 14.0.7106.5001




      1. Wwlib.dll
      2. 14.0.7106.5001




      the file contents of 2767913 is

      1. Wwlibcxm.dll
      2. 14.0.7106.5001






      When I extract the XML file manifest, KB2767913 looks like it only targets <TargetProductCode>{90140000-0126-0409-0000-0000000FF1CE}</TargetProductCode>

      What is that product specifically?

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          I have been told by our content team that this is the reason we were unable to support the patch in Protect - it would probably be best to take this up with Microsoft if possible.

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            Finally got the answer back we need:


            "The functionality is included in the KB2428677 and is provided only to specific customers by Microsoft (enrolled in a particular program related to specific add-ins). The package is not publically distributed nor is it necessary for proper operation of the product.


            The security update published under KB2767913 can be installed only if the KB2428677 exists on the machine. If this KB is not installed and you cannot find it under Program and features in Control Panel, you do not need to install the hotfix KB2767913. In your case there is no use of installing it because you will gain the same benefits from the other KB article (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2760769). "



            This update is for the component Wwlibcxm.dll. If the component Wwlibcxm.dll is not present the installation will fail. This behavior will also occur for cumulative Updates containing the same component. This happens because Wwlibcxm.dll refers to the removed Custom XML feature. You will find more information about this feature here:


            - "Error Message when you try to open a document in Word: "The file contains custom XML elements which are no longer supported by Word." - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2445062


            - “Custom XML markup is removed when you open a document in Word 2010 - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2445060