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    rgsteele Apprentice

      Why don't the updates in the SCUPdates catalogs have any supersedence information filled in? If I deploy an update to a client, then deploy a supserseding update, a client without either update installed will be offered both, instead of just the most recent one.

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          I spoke with our content team about this. The reason that there isn't any supersedence information is that it was decided to leave this up to the administrator to choose if a patch should be set to "Expired" within SCUP. Once a patch is set to expired it's permanent.


          I have been made aware our content team is still researching a way to add in patch supersedence/replacement information in the future, however, there isn't any current ETA that can be given since there isn't something concrete yet.


          I hope that helps. Thanks

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            We just upgraded to 2.1.  In the videos and the User Guide it has information on Supersedence information.  I am still not seeing this for any of the updates.   Am I missing something? 

            We are new to Shavlik Patch for SCCM.



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              The supersedence capability has been added with the 2.1 version of the plugin, however, the updated content for this has not yet been released. It should be released soon, though. I was hearing possibly as early as sometime next week. Sorry it's not there already. Once our content is updated with the supersedence information you should start seeing this and be able to use it.



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                rgsteele Apprentice

                What's happening with supersedence? I'm still seeing a large number of old updates which have not been marked as superseded, e.g. any version of Flash Player for Firefox, Flash Player for IE 11.9.900.170 and later, iTunes 9.1.1 to 9.2.1, about six random old Google Chrome updates, twelve old Skype updates... is there an issue with my catalog?