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    How Do I Automate Patch Scan/Deployment on New Systems?


      I'm working on an automated deployment process for both new physical and new virtual systems.  I'm trying to figure out how I can scan, patch, and validate successful patching against a new system.  Basically, the process would be part of a build script/workflow (written in-house) that is building the new system.  At some point, it would run a scan using a patch template we've already created, deploy service packs and patches as needed, validate those patches got installed, then rescan the machine to ensure no additional patches were needed.  Effectively, everything I do today with my keyboard and mouse, but eliminating me from the picture. :-)


      I'm a very capable scripter/programmer, but I can't find any API documents, CLI tools, etc. that would help with this process.


      Does anyone know of anything or a creative/outside-the-box method of accomplishing the same?