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    JRE 7 - install update 32 bit java


      Hallo guys


      I have seen this update:



      But i would really like to have confirmed that JRE 7 Update 25, is also affected.
      On Monday i am on a customer site who complains that their JRE7 shavlik updates are problematic. While i can link to this article, the affected products from Oracle seems to be Java Runtime 6.


      So can anyone confirm that this bug also affects version JRE7u25? - if no, then where can i start.


      If this cannot be confirmed, do you have an idea on where i can start my troubleshooting?

      I know that the customer is trying to update from version JRE7u11 to update 25. - and i am thinking the msi logfiles, although i don't know where they are placed.


      This by the way is 64-Bit OS.



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          This is still an unresolved bug on Java's side, and it can cause failures deploying 32bit Java to a 64bit system. With our Shavlik Protect product our engineering team fixed this issue by using Protect's binaries to perform some additional steps, however, this isn't currently possible with SCUPdates. It is still something our engineering team is looking at so at some point in the future we might have a fix for this even with our SCUPdates content. I do not have any ETA, though.


          I hope that helps.

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            Hallo Adam


            Thanks for the Update.

            I know that you guys must have done alot of testing on this subject, is there a slim chance that i could use that knowledge a little to here you guys what you think i could do to solve this particular issue.


            Would you guys think that it is possible to install the full msi instead? - and then create a SCCM collection to push down to the clients that needs the install, or would this also result in the error.

            What do you guys do?


            As far as i can see, this rendors the Java update via the exe file as not possible?