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    Waiting for Agent to register...


      We have installed the Shavlik Protect Agent on most of the laptops successfully.  We're running version 9.0.  We're running into a problem when a remote laptop connecting via VPN has the agent pushed out.  It appears to install, gets to 67%, with status reflecting "Waiting for Agent to register" and just sits there.


      I suspect that this is probably a firewall issue on our end at the corporate HQ.  The other laptops were all on the corporate LAN, regardless of location.  This is the first one we've tried to push out to a laptop connected via VPN.  We have a private IP allowance for the subnet assigned to VPN connections, but it's just not able to register...never times out or fails, just sits there at 67%.


      What is the protocol & process being used by the agent to register with the console on the server?  Need to know what to look for at the firewall.  Looks like something is preventing the communication across VPN links.  If it's not the VPN subnet that's being blocked, then I need to figure out what to look for.