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    Problem with agents.Message:Unable to update.The manifest with platform is older than installed platform


      I recently upgraded to Shavlik Protect 9.0.1182 64-bit version. Agentless patching works fine, but there is a major problem with agents. I upgraded agents through console (Agents/Install / Reinstall with policy) to version 9.01182.0, but only agent check-in request works, for everything else (update patch data, Update binaries) system log on workstations returns error code: ERROR  Update failed.  Unable to update. The manifest with platform version '8.0.3965.1' is older than platform version '9.0.1182.0'.


      I tried to uninstall and reinstall agents through console, also tried option help/Refresh files to update the manifest files in console, but problem persists.

      I already searched for similar problem within this forum and only found outdated link, so any help would be greatly appreciated.