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    Patches being deployed but Deployment Tracker shows as scheduled

    Joseph.Giovinco Rookie

      Hi.  I finally deployed the Shavlik Protect product to production and ran it for the first time last night. I tried to run this against 50 computers, and got 500+ updates.  I went ahead and deployed the downloads to the machines requiring the patches without installation. I verified about 10 machines at random to see if their propatches folder had data and it did. I then went into shavlik protect and ran the deployment and said install automagicaly. 


      While watching the Shavlik Protect Deployment Tracker, I saw several patches complete, several say reboot required, and then tons show up as scheduled.  after over an hour, the shceduled number never dropped.  After verifying that the ones that were still scheduled werent in succesfully installed or reboot required category, I hopped in the Event Viewer logs of the machines that said they still had patches scheduled.. I was shocked to see that the patches were applied the first 15 minutes after i deployed them, but the deployment tracker didnt catch the update..


      How do i get the deployment tracker to update properly? or what mechanism do i use to actually properly monitor the status of patching?  We are manually pushing patches until we prove that the system works without a hitch.