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    New Windows Server 2012

    mcvosi Rookie

      I'm setting up a new Windows Server 2012 VM to use as a template, however when running a scan I get an error 201.  I verified the remote registry service was running and disabled the firewall.  I can connect to the admin$ share fine, but scans are not working. 


      Any thoughts?

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          Here is the full description for scan error 201:


          System not found.

          A network problem is preventing the specified machine from being scanned. Check to see that your computer (the scanning machine) is properly connected to the network and that you can remotely logon to the specified machine.


          Can you ping the target system from your console system? What does nslookup return?


          Another thing that might be worth checking - on the VM settings, highlight the Network Adapter > Does it show a check in the box for 'Connect at power on'? If the VM is powered on does it show 'Connected' as checked?

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            mcvosi Rookie

            Yes  the server, and the network is connected because I said I can connect to the admin share. NSLOOKUP reports the server name.  No problems pinging...