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    Not detecting Project 2010 SP2 as missing




      I have a workstation that has Office 2010 installed with SP2 applied.   Now, I install Project 2010 standard with SP1 from disk.   I scan with Protect and it doesn't show ANY missing patches or missing service pack for Project 2010.


      In the informational results, Project 2010 standard Gold is shown as being installed, even though Project 2010 with SP1 disk was used for installation.


      SP2 was released in July 2013.    The Project SP2 patch appears in the patch view of Protect, although there is no description or any other information with it.


      Please advise

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          I suggest opening a support case directly with support so we can provide the best assistance for this issue and work with our data content team to fix anything, if necessary.



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            Rather than waste my limited time by opening a support case, I installed SP2 manually.


            I thought perhaps you folks would like to know about this detection issue and fix it.



            BTW, Visio 2010 behaves the same way.


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              I was unable to reproduce the issue. It sounds like you may have had a broken installation of the SP. The reason I suggested opening a support case is so we can work with you to resolve any possible detection issues. I would still urge you to open a support case if you see the same problem with another product.

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                I don't think you understand the original problem.   I installed, from disk, project 2010 and visio 2010 each with SP1 already included.   I had NOT installed SP2.   Shavlik Protect is not detecting that SP2 is MISSING from the installation.   However, I knew that SP2 was available, so I expected Protect to detect that SP2 was needed for each of these products.


                Try installing Visio or Project 2010 with SP1 and then run Protect against that machine and see if Protect detects that SP2 is missing.   In my environment it actually shows Gold as being the installed version, even though the disk from Microsoft, clearly shows it includes SP1.


                Since I only have a handful of Project and Visio users, it's easier for me to just manually install the needed SP2 and be done with it.

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                  bbarlow SupportEmployee

                  There are many reasons why a product would not detect the product correctly. Unfortunately, I can't reproduce your issue. Because there are many reasons that this would be detected falsely, we would need a dpd trace. Unfortunately this would require you to create a support case as you have expressed concern in doing this.


                  In general terms, we try to use this community to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and work together to make each of our environments work the best they can. When there is something that involves a specific environment, a support case would need to be created.


                  A case can be created at http://support.shavlik.com or by calling in. (See http://www.shavlik.com/support/contact/) for the phone number in your area.


                  If you choose to create a case, please send us a dpd trace and yours by following these 2 guides.

                  DPD Trace



                  How to gather logs