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    Allowing user to defer patch (agent based)


      We have patching set to be done every tuesday night at 10pm. Occasionally users wuch as our 3d artists complain that a render they were doing overnight was interrupted beause of a patch reboot. We are using agents on the machines.


      What is the best way to handle a situation like this? Is there a way for them to defer a patch process? For some people I have said to unplug their network cable because then it won't be able to download the patches but the 3d guys need the networ because they render on mulitple pcs that have to communicate.


      A user can initiate the scans via the agent interface it seems If I tell them that before they leave on tuesday afternoon, they should click on 'update patch definitions' and then run the scans manually we have defined, the only potential case would be if a patch came out between when they leave and 10pm that night that would cause a reboot which I hope would be rare.


      If you have any suggestions i'd appreciate it

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          The option you can use to help with this is actually going to be within the patch deployment template that you use in your patch task within the agent policy.


          In the deployment template that is used make sure to go into the "Post-deploy Reboot" tab and enable the check box for User may > Cancel action (patch installation will complete at next reboot). This allows the user logged onto the agent system to cancel the reboot for the time being.


          I hope that helps.

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            ntuit1 Apprentice

            We deploy patches every night at 0100. This satisfies all of the various hospital departments, most importantly, labor and delivery.


            Since you have developers running an all night rendering effort, I would capture these machine names and place them in a different machine group and patch on FRI-SAT-SUN night, as applicable.

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              Would these options require the user to be present when the patch process starts in order to cancel it?


              I think I'm going to do a combination of the 2 suggestions


              Under Post-Deployment Reboot I will set it to "Alert user, perform action when user logs off" and then make a separate agent policy with this deployment template for machines that need to be uninterupted. With this option if a reboot is required for patches they should just come in the next morning and see some screen on their computer telling them a reboot is needed to finish installation?


              Thanks guys

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                If the user won't be at their desk it would probably be better to use the option of "Alert user, perform action when user logs off".