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    Scheduler - not available


      I am in scheduler and I am refreshing all targets.  On the same few machines, I get an error that says scheduler not available.

      I get an option to upgrade scheduler now, but this never seems to complete as anytime I refresh I get the same error.

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          ntuit1 Apprentice

          I have the very same problem. Hope to see an answer soon.

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            Ditto.  Bug?

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              Did you just recently upgrade? Often we see this happen after an upgrade from one major version to another and the scheduler service hasn't been upgraded on your client systems. The bad thing about the "upgrade scheduler now" option is that it doesn't automatically run the upgrade of the scheduler service to all your clients where it exists. It goes one by one so if you kept clicking it eventually it should go away,


              However, that's a long and tedious process. There are two other methods that you can use to upgrade the scheduler services on all your clients.


              1) Run a patch scan and deployment on all the systems. During the deployment process it should automatically upgrade the scheduler service to the latest version.


              2) *Use only if you are ok re-setting up your scheduled jobs* - You can use the custom action in the below linked document to remove the current scheduler service from all your target systems. Then once removed you can either go into Scheduled Task Manager, right click "Enterprise" on the left, and choose Scheduler Service > Install or wait until you set up the next deployment to the systems.




              Just to note: All scheduled scans (even with autodeploy) are scheduled on the console system.


              I hope this helps.

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                Thanks for the link. Our environment has a new Shavlik 9.0.0 1182 server deployed, which is now managing patching for servers which were previously managed by an older version.  That is to say, we *sort of* upgraded.


                I followed the custom action directions (option 2).  Unfortunately the machines still do not report back their tasks to the scheduler.  It appears they do actually perform the tasks, but the scheduler does not show the scheduled tasks.  Nor do the machines report back to the scheduler without manually refreshing them (in other words, whenever the scheduler is opened they show as greyed out intially, and after refresh show as filled-in icons without any tasks scheduled).


                Could you eloborate on on" It goes one by one so if you kept clicking it eventually it should go away".  Clicking on what?  I've clicked about 50 times through these different servers and still displaying the behavior described in original post.


                Any other suggestions?  I also have a case open w/ support and sent them logs.  Apparently we aren't the only people to see this behavior.




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                  If you already have a support case open on this it would be best to continue working through the case. I just wanted to make sure I provided some feedback out here.

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                    Same issue here only affecting about a third of our enviroment. Have created the custom patch as suggested in the other thread but it does not work. only thing ive found to resolve this is the following. posted by a shavlik employee on another thread.


                    1) From a command prompt, browse to the 'c:windowspropatchesscheduler' directory. 

                         2) Execute the following command:

                         'stschedex /remove'

                         3) Delete the 'c:windowspropatches' directory.


                    After this it works fine and your able to reinstall the scheduler from the console.


                    hope this gets fixed soon to save me having to do this on a lot of machines.