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    Customer Feedback for ESXi Hypervisor patching, template\offline patching, snapshot features

    chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

      PM would like to have a discussion with customers running ESXi Hypervisors.  You can post your experience here in this discussion or you can contact me and we can have a more open dialog and even webex to discuss how you are applying updates to hosts and guests.  You can also catch us at VMworld in San Francisco later this month as we will have a Shavlik booth at the show. 


      Here are some questions we would like to discuss:


      What vSphere edition are you running?

      How are you updating your Hosts?  Not at all, command line, Shavlik Protect 9.0, vSphere Update Manager, or imaging (Enterprise\Suite edition).

      Are you utilizing the Template\Offline patching features of Protect?

      Are you utilizing the snapshot feature of Protect?

      Are you running DRS in your environments? 


      Thanks in advance for your feedback!


      Chris Goettl

      Product Manager

      Shavlik Protect Team, LANDesk