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    No deployment results display with agent installations using 9.x


      I recently opened a case with Shavlik to find out why servers/workstations with agents do not display deployment results in 9.x


      I was told that it didn't exist in 8.x, I installed a lab environment with 8.x, deployed an agent and let the agent schedule run it's task to scan and deploy the patches.



      Which in the above screen shot using 8.x, it shows the "agent" results, I was told its simply not a feature set in 9.x.


      My question to might have some insight, WHY was this taken out?


      If one can "manually" deploy patches and get deployment results, then the same theory should be applied to "agent" deployments.


      Running a "Deployment Status by Machine" report does not give you any type of "Advance Report Settings" to only report on specific agents. My only viable option is to report by date ranges. Choosing machine names is worthless when you have hundreds of agents installed on servers/workstations.


      Venting again...If you are going to take features away in the product then at least provide decent reporting tools, Shavlik does a wonderful job of collecting data pertaining to the software and hardware components of a device. It just does not provide a decent front reporting tool.

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          Here is screenshot of the results from 8.0.2.




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            chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

            Agentless scans are a container for several machines scanned together.  Agents could come in at any time and did not have any clean way to associate them making for many records showing up in the navigation on the left.  Take your screenshot but make it for 1000 agents and it gets unmanagable.  It was hard to sift through and unusable in some cases.  


            We do need to close the gap between agentless and agent behavior, but currently the expectation is agents are managed through the Machine View and you only really care about current state.  Agentless has the ability to go back to a point in time (a specific scan result) and view that set of data.  There are positives and negatives to the difference in behavior and we are working on ways to make it more seamless. 


            Chris Goettl

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            Shavlik Protect Team, LANDesk

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