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    Backing up Physical servers


      I may have seen info on this for previous versions but will Netchk ever allow backing up of Physical servers?  We've virtualized almost everything but still need some physical blades for specific purposes.  Not everything can be virtualized nor is everything appropriate in a virtualized environment contrarty to what some believe.  Also, even my Veeam server is on a physical blade because it simply runs much faster over our fiber channel than it ever could in a VM.  Frankly, running Veeam in a VM was terrible and the performance painful.  It is night & day running on a physical blade with direct datastore access--period.  That said, it would be nice if there was an agent or something that could be installed on a physical server to bring it under the Veeam jobs...just wondering....

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          Currently we do not have any plans to look into physical or virtual machine backups through Shavlik Protect.  So you are using Veeam on the virtual machines, but have no coverage on the physical servers?


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