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    Importing updates


      Why every time when I import Shavlik updates it asks me to overwrite newer updates with older ones?

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          chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

          For SCUPdates this has to do with the way the data is published through SCUP.  Most 3rd party products have releases addressing multiple patches instead of individual patches as Microsoft does.  Each new Java update, for instance, replaces the old one, which is why this occurs.  We are working on some improvements for this experience that should make a huge difference for you. 

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            Mostly SCUPdates want to overwrite older ones not the newest. I see this behavior for Skype and Adobe Flash. Is it correct that I choose to not overwrite all?

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              chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

              It would only be replacing older updates.  Overwrite all will update the newer items.  If there is no update for a product it would stay the same. 

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                Here is picture of what I mean


                Why do you want to overwrite newer with older?

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                  chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

                  I think I understand what occured now.  I also confirmed with one of our SCUP guru's to make sure. 


                  We updated the Skype update in 2012.  Since then you likely mad ea change in February this year that updated the imported catalog.  Even if you went into the Skype package and saved it the created date would have been updated.  If you made a change that you know of then do not overwrite.  If you didn't overwrite and this won't occur the next time you import. 

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                    Hi Kaceks,


                    We are looking for input on a future version of SCUPdates.  I would like to get your feedback on the current product and what we can do to improve.  If your are interested in providing feedback please send an email to protect-help@shavlik.com with your contact information.