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    Chrome version 65


      Shavlik Protect is reporting that some machines have Chrome version 65.x  and some have version 28.x. Is there some correspondence between the two numbering systems? How does Shavlik Protect handle this?  The machines with version 65.x don't ever seem to need patch updating after I scan them, but the install date is listed at April 2013 and a few updates have been released since then.

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          Where are you seeing a 65.x version number?


          For the Bulletin ID's we use there is a CHROME-65, however, the latest bulletin ID is CHROME-80.

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            It sounds like you probably need to run Help > Refresh files and ensure that your patch definitions are up to date.


            You can check the definition version under Help > About. The current version can always be found here: http://protectessentials.shavlik.com/

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              I see the version 65.x when I look at the Software Asset list and when I do a Software Catalog Report.


              When I sit at the computer and look at the version in the Help pull down menu it says version 28.x. However the version 65.x is shown when I look in Program and Features in the Control Panel.


              There are only a couple of machines with the verion 65.x and I think all of them were updated via Shavlik instead of by the user. So I am wondering if you guys picked some sort of enterprise deployment version?