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    Patch Definitions not updating?

    mpendleton Rookie

      Anyone else noticing that patch updates are not downloading properly?  Every time an xml file is ready, My consoel is set to download them every 1 hour, Yet the next day the newest xml file will not be there, my Distribution servers are not working either as a result.  Look at the attached email and you can see the next run time is setup for 7/10/13 yet the date on the taskbar is 1/12/13?  That kind of indicates something is wrong wouldnt you agree? and this has been going on since the final release of version 9, and i've not seen any improvments witht he lastest patch update that just came out...... My server is rebooted once a week on Monday Mornings if that helps anything. 7/10 was the day i last had to close my console due to it timing out and had to restart the service before i could download the xml file manually with refreshing files. Then i also had to manually go in and update my distribution serversas well because they weren't working either.

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          Since there were no answers to this from the community members I'll jump in. This doesn't seem like something that is a common problem with our customers, and I have not had this issue come up before.


          Does this problem seem to be better after the recent case you had with us? If not, we can work the issue through a support case to get this fixed.